clhx001: Graph of aviation of visible navigation electron promotes air force nightly blow capability considerably

Graph of aviation of visible navigation electron promotes air force nightly blow capability considerably

29 Dec 2010 at 01:43
Air force some model 英文网站优化 fighter plane army is nightly drilling [data] Electronic map was used at traffic to produce electronic communication chart, with Yu Jian the boat produced electronic boat chart. As the development of wow guide IT, nowadays, hover the opportunity for combat of blue sky also had plan of aviation of visible navigation electron. In May a day of the first ten days of a month, the reporter is in air force cheapest wow gold sees on big screen replica handbags of some command center: The wide empty air arm that joins drilling some division tens of wearing lade google seo the opportunity for combat of ball cartridge, take the advantage of Metal Beads the dim light of pandora jewelry night to break through " enemy " air defence fire net flies to the target, immediately, a bomb buy wow gold come down woodworking plans and projects in torrents and below, "Enemy " the important place such as command center is immersed in break down. Yu Jijun of this division division commander tells a reporter, army is nightly blow ability promotes quickly into organizational system, troll bracelets profit from implemented Italian Charms the electronic aviation plan of visible navigation. The person that construction of ed hardy informatization of ● air force calls electronic boat seal walks into some garage, open plane canopy, the electronic monitor that by academy of air force equipment some develops is shown before the reporter. "This uses woodworking plan liquid crystal of advanced computer, color to show the electronic chart google左侧排名 navigation system that waits for a technology to be developed namely " . Hand of Cui stannum inscription points to fancy air Italian Charm Bracelets man a square Founder monitor tells a reporter. Urban traffic needs highway communication chart, drive chart of boat google排名 of ship vessel need, same, control fighting eagle hovers map of aviation of blue sky need comes accurate judgement azimuth, corrective flight path. The Cui Ximing that has experience of 20 old and rich navigate tells a reporter: Long-term since, what air force air arm uses a convention all the time is visual the conjectural navigation means that navigation and the paper chart that carry contrast, come flight path of corrective plane flight. Before flying every time, the navigator in sky must write down the ground punctuation, preparation before undertaking flying ahead of schedule. In the flight, every reach a ground punctuation, navigator uses the drift of data speculation wind direction that airborne equipment shows, examination plane is in the position, request a plane the athletic speed of opposite ground, amend next punctuation book time. The tradition that woodworking projects respecting is replaced by wow review electronic map place " the exercise on genu " navigation, cui Ximing very familiar with sth. Although navigator has stronger computational capacity, but because plane motion rate cheap wow gold is very rapid, sheet relies on navigator artificial replica bags computation is conjectural, below new area and complex weather condition, still judge plane position jewelry well and truly hard. Cui Ximing told about the be in wow gold danger in experiences charm bracelets sky: Aircrew executes the mission somewhere in China north when dash forward encounter wowgold soup, whole line is enveloped in thundercloud, the radio compass is worked normally hard by thunderstorm influence. Although depend on rich experience to guide aircrew safety be woodworking plans born finally, but Cui Ximing is experienced deeply, use traditional conjectural Crystal Beads navigation, in navigator google推广 condition of new district, complex weather leaves easy drift off course. "When pandora jewelry weather is poor, hard ' start off ' ; Italian Charm Weather woodworking tools is good, should be in 英文SEO again ' seek a google优化 way ' on spend a large number of time,


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