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female, 34 y/o shanghai, China.

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  • 1. Medium positive pressure, medium flow micro brushless air pump, pumping dual-use, positive pressure range: 40 ~ 60kPa; ...
  • 22 Mar 2019 at 08:44
       The winter in Wuhan is very cold. In the era when there is no air conditioner and heater, a coal-burning stove will ...
  • 22 Mar 2019 at 02:26
    The micro vacuum pump refers to one of the air suction nozzle and the exhaust nozzle which are provided one by one, and ca...
  • 21 Mar 2019 at 02:47
    Thin-walled stainless steel pipes and fittings for building water supply contain more than 12% chromium (Cr), and ferroall...

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